HKOI Online Judge ( is originally the training platform for the HKOI Training Team. Students can submit programs to improve their programming and problem solving skills. To further promote computational thinking and STEM education, the Online Judge is now open to secondary schools in Hong Kong.

(1) Suitable for students preparing for HKOI and/or studying HKDSE ICT.
(2) 800+ tasks and counting. 50+ fundamental tasks.
(3) Bilingual interface. Supports a variety of programming languages: C, C++, Pascal, Java, Python, Blockly
(4) Teachers may monitor students’ progress using their administrator accounts.

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A subscription fee is required for using the HKOI Online Judge. The fees help us offset the increasing costs of operating the Online Judge, running the competitions and other activities.

Fees for School Year 2019/20 (accounts valid until 2020-09-30)

School Admin accounts (max. 3 per school) Free
School license (unlimited no. of students)
(HKACE School Members who paid / are paying the 2019/20 membership fee)
School license (unlimited no. of students) $2500
Individual student license (per student) $100

* Teachers are welcome to sign-up and try our system for free for as long as they want.
* A 4th School Admin account may be allowed (teacher verification required).

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Please refer to the following presentation for step-by-step instructions. (Google Slides / PDF Version)