Teachers can sign up for a free trial (no time limit) to experience the features of the Online Judge. A subscription fee is required to make the Online Judge available to students.

Fees for School Year 2023/24 (accounts valid until 2024-09-30)

Free Trial
(Unlimited time)
Individual Student License School License
(Basic version)
School License
(Full version)
License fee (HKD) Free $150
per student
$2000 (HKACE School Member)
$3000 (non-member)
$4000 (HKACE School Member)
$5000 (non-member)
Student licenses N/A 1 per student
(cannot be reassigned)
Unlimited Unlimited
Full-time teacher licenses Up to 3 Up to 3 Unlimited Unlimited
Instructor licenses N/A N/A N/A Up to 2
(can be reassigned)
Features DSE Exercises solutions and test data
User management
Progress report (e.g. Task Matrix)
+ Task hosting
Guide New school sign-up Subscribe/Renew/Upgrade

For enquires about HKACE school membership, please email ask@hkace.org.hk or call/WhatsApp 24066683.

If a school has a paid subscription and does not wish to renew it, it will be downgraded to Free Trial.

For detailed license terms, please refer to the HKOI Online Judge Terms of Use.