Use cases

– Check the expiry date of student accounts
– Assign licences (renew student accounts)

You must renew your school’s subscription before renewing student accounts.


Step 1: Enter Users page from the side navigation.

Step 2: Create an Edit Session by clicking “User Batch Create/Edit/Renew”.

Select your Google Account (Gmail / Google Workspace for Education) email address, then click “Start New Edit Session”.
If it only displays one email address and it is not a Google Account, please go to the Settings page and link your Google Account under the “Alternative Google Account” section.

You can close the Edit Session anytime by clicking the “Close Edit Session without apply changes” button.

Step 3: Enter the Google Sheet.

The section between #MODIFY and #ENDMODIFY should contain all students with the current and/or previous school year licence.

Click the “Assign Licence” checkbox to assign a licence to the student. It is also possible to copy and paste the checkboxes. The checkbox has no effect if the account is already renewed.

Do not remove or add any rows. However, feel free to change the order of the rows.

Step 4: Preview the changes. Click “Validate and Preview Changes” in the Edit Sessions overview page.

If they are correct, enter a summary and click “Commit Changes”.