Step 1: Enter Users page from the side navigation.

Step 2: Create an Edit Session by clicking “User Batch Create/Edit/Renew”.

Select your Google Account (Gmail / Google Workspace for Education) email address, then click “Start New Edit Session”.
If it only displays one email address and it is not a Google Account, please go to the Settings page and link your Google Account under the “Alternative Google Account” section.

You can close the Edit Session anytime by clicking the “Close Edit Session without apply changes” button.

Step 3: Enter the Google Sheet.

Fill in the student information.
The English name is mandatory. Please enter the name on their HKID, surname first and without comma.
The Chinese name is recommended. The Chinese name is required in order to enter the student to our competitions.
If the email address does not uniquely identify the student (e.g. it does not contain the student ID), then you may enter the student ID in the School Unique ID field. The uniqueness is enforced if it is not empty.

If there are not enough rows, you can insert more rows above #ENDCREATE. To do this, select any number of rows above #ENDCREATE (even if data is present in the rows), right click on the row number, and select “Insert X rows below”.

Step 4: Preview the changes. Click “Validate and Preview Changes” in the Edit Sessions overview page.

If they are correct, enter a summary and click “Commit Changes”.

Column A of the sheet will populated with the initial passwords. Students can also set up their password using the Forgot Password function. If the email address is a Google Account (e.g. students use it to enter Google Classroom), then the students can also use Google Login.