Hong Kong Primary Schools Olympiad in Informatics (HKPSOI) is an annual programming competition for primary students in Hong Kong, aiming to promote computer science, STEM knowledge and computational thinking to students as early as in primary school. The competition is organized by the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education (HKACE), Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Organizing Committee (HKOI) and Modern Educational Research Society Limited (MERS), co-organized by Active Learning Solutions Limited (ALS) and sponsored by Tin Ka Ping Foundation.

HKPSOI is divided into the Heat Event and Final Event. The Heat Event lasts for 10 days, each day being a 3 minutes online quiz game, while the Final Event will be an onsite practical test where contestants will be given 1 hour to solve problems on a tablet computer. Both events will be using the Blockly programming language, which is an intuitive programming language that is easy-to-use and is suitable to primary students.

The competition awards individual prizes and school prizes to the best performing students and schools in Heat Event and Final Event.

Application, Heat Event, Final Event