Date: 12th December, 2023 (Tuesday) – 22nd December, 2023 (Friday)
(excluding the Saturday and Sunday)
Format: Using the “Edu DynamiX” mobile to take the online quiz game each day, for 9 days in total. There are 3 rounds per day; in each round, contestants are to answer a number of questions in 1 minute.
Please note that contestants must enter their real names and correct school names.
Instructions for student self-registration of Edu DynamiX account
Edu DynamiX usage
Trial: To help contestants understand the Heat Event rules, a Heat Event Trial will be held from 6th – 8th December, 2023. Heat Event Trial results will not affect Heat Event results.
Support: For Edu DynamiX related enquiries, please contact Active Learning Solutions Limited.
WhatsApp: 6656 0769
Heat Event is only available in the Chinese version.

Detailed Rules