Regular Training (February to April)

The regular training are held on Saturdays, with 2 sessions on each day. The first session are further divided into two difficulty levels (Intermediate/Advanced), which DO NOT correspond to Junior/Senior. New training team members are recommended to participate in the Intermediate sessions. The second session contain contents that are suitable for all members. Trainings are conducted in Cantonese with English materials.

Note: Solutions to HKOI 2020/21 Final Event is not a regular training team session.

Team Formation Test / Asia-Pacific Informatics Olympiad

Results of the Team Formation Test and APIO will be used as a reference to select members to participate in external competitions and other learning opportunities. In 2018, the team participated in the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI), China National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI), International Olympiad of Metropolises (IOM), ACM-ICPC Hong Kong Regional Contest and ACM-HK Collegiate Programming Contest.

Note: Only Permanent HKID holders may participate in APIO and inter-territory external competitions such as IOI, NOI.

Hong Kong Team Training (May to August)

The Hong Kong Team training is by invitation only and is compulsory for members selected to participate in external competitions.


Only students who win a medal in HKOI 2020/21 are eligible to join the HKOI Training Team. Membership starts from the first day of training and lasts until September 30, 2021. To officially become a Training Team member, eligible students must attend at least one regular training session.
Other ineligible students may also participate in the regular trainings as “non-trainees”. Registration and prior approval is required. (See section below)

Joining the online training sessions

Currently, we are accepting the following students to join the online training sessions:
– HKOI 2020/21 finalists (whether they have an active HKOI Online Judge account or not)
– Active HKOI Online Judge users whose account email address is also a Google Account

To join the training sessions, please request to join this Google Group. Once approved, you will receive calendar invitations. You must use either the HKOI Online Judge account email address or the Google Account email address provided to us in the HKOI Final Event registration form.

1. We have received reports that the policy setting of some schools prevent students from joining external groups. In that case, the students can link their personal Google Account through the HKOI Online Judge settings page. After that, please request to join the group using the personal Google Account.
2. For HKOI finalists who encounter the same issue but do not have an active HKOI Online Judge account, please send two identical emails to , using both your registered Google Account and your alternate Google Account.

1. The Google Group is shared between official training team members and non-members. Being accepted to the group does not imply that you are an official training team member.
2. At this time we are limiting the number of students who gets accepted the Google Group and the training sessions. Priority will be given to HKOI finalists and the most active HKOI Online Judge users.


Attendance will be taken. Only Training Team members and non-trainees who attend at least one regular training session may participate in the Team Formation Test. Training Team members who attend at least 60% of the sessions (Team Formation Test and APIO each counts as 2 sessions) will receive a certificate.

Code of Conduct

Students must:

  • Demonstrate good conduct
  • Obey trainers’ instructions
  • (for selected external competition participants) Attend the competition and all compulsory trainings

Students must not:

  • Play games during trainings
  • Cheat or attempt to cheat in contests
  • Harass trainers and/or other members
  • Violate the HKOI Online Judge Terms of Use

Students who do not comply with the rules may be banned from the Team and/or all HKOI-related activities.

Online training rules and etiquette

– Use your own account to attend the training sessions. You must not let others use your account.
– You must not record the training session.
– Attendance will be tracked automatically. Quizzes may be held to verify attendance.
– Camera is optional. If you wish to turn on the camera, please do not create distractions.
– Mute your microphone unless it is necessary to speak.
– If you wish to ask a question verbally, Raise Hand and wait for the trainer’s indication before speaking.
– You may also ask questions directly using the chat function. The trainer will answer it at an appropriate time. The trainer may ask you to clarify your question verbally.
– Do not use the chat function for casual conversation between participants.