Individual Awards

Only the performances in the Final Event count towards individual awards.

  • Top 10 contestants receive gold medal trophies and book coupons.
  • Next 20 contestants receive silver medal trophies and book coupons.
  • Next 30 contestants receive bronze medal trophies and book coupons.
  • Next 60 contestants receive merit certificates.

The best contestant in the Final Event additionally receives the “Best Contestant Grand Prize” trophy and book coupons.

Grand School Prizes

Each Gold, Silver and Bronze medallist will be awarded 5, 2 and 1 point(s) respectively. The sum of points for all medallists in a school will constitute the school score. The three schools with the highest school scores receive Grand School Prizes. In case of ties, the accumulated score of the top six Primary 4 to Primary 6 contestants of each school in the Heat Event will be compared. In case of ties again, the scored time of the contestants in the Final Event will be compared.

The school accumulating the highest total score including all Primary 4 to Primary 6 participating students in the Heat Event receives the “Most Active Participation School Prize”.