Applies to all competitions / activities organised by the HKOI / HKACE.

Before Proceeding to the Competition Venue

  1. Contestants must check their body temperature, bring their completed Health Declaration Form and surgical mask(s).
  2. Contestants must perform a Rapid Antigen Test at home, between 6 a.m. and the reporting time on the day of competition.
  3. Contestants must take a photo of the negative result Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) placed above the same declaration form
    (see example). Do not bring the RAT to the venue.
  4. Contestants who make false, incomplete or misleading declaration will be disqualified from the competition.
  5. Contestants with the following conditions MUST NOT go to the competition venue:
    1. Having symptoms of COVID-19, such as having a fever (oral temperature 37.5°C, tympanic temperature 38°C or above), symptoms of acute respiratory tract infection (such as a cough or shortness of breath) or sudden loss of sense of taste or smell, etc.
    2. Undergoing government designated mandatory quarantine (including StayHomeSafe Scheme or home isolation).
    3. Awaiting COVID-19 compulsory testing results. Exception: all household members test negative using RATs.

Before the Competition

  1. The reporting venue will open 30 minutes before the reporting time. Contestants should avoid arriving early. Contestants will not be allowed to gather near the entrance.
  2. Before entering the reporting venue, contestants must put on their own surgical mask properly (with the nose, mouth and chin fully covered) and rub their hands by using alcohol sanitizer gel placed in front of the entrance. Masks with valves are not acceptable.
  3. A body temperature screening will be set up at reporting venue. For contestants whose temperature exceed the alert level of the forehead thermometer screening, a tympanic temperature will be taken. If the tympanic temperature is at or higher than 38.0°C, the contestant will be disqualified and be asked to leave the venue.
  4. After going through the temperature screening, contestants may proceed to the competition venue. Staff will check whether contestants have completed and signed the Health Declaration Form. At the same time, the contestant will be asked to present their HKID card AND student ID card.
  5. The above process will be strictly enforced.
  6. Contestants must be ready to show the photo of the RAT result and/or Vaccine Pass “Blue Code” when requested by our staff. For children of age 5-11, their Vaccine Pass can be presented by a parent.
  7. Contestants will be led by staff to the seat assigned directly. They should remain seated with their masks on at all times.

During the Competition

  1. Contestants are required to put on a surgical mask properly and should not remove it, except when being requested by the invigilators to remove the mask temporarily for identity verification. Those who refuse to put on their surgical mask will be regarded as having breached the competition rules.
  2. Contestants may only drink water with invigilators’ permission.
  3. Invigilators are authorized to disqualify contestants who are sneezing, coughing or showing other symptoms. They will be asked to leave the venue.

After the Competition

  1. At the end of the competition, contestants should follow the instructions the invigilators to leave the competition venue in batches.
  2. Contestants must not gather near the exits.