Major changes since the Team Formation Test (Round 1) are highlighted.

Important Notes

We are conducting this online round as seriously as an on-site round. You must comply with the rules below and invigilators’ instructions. Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban from all HKOI-related activities.

The video of you and your computer screen will be recorded. You should inform your household members that their voice may be captured.

The HKOI Organizing Commitee shall bear no responsibility for loss of contest time / disqualification due to contestants’ hardware failure / inability to meet physical environment or invigilation requirement / disconnections.

Prohibited Acts

You must not communicate with any other person except the invigilator during the test.
You must not leave your seat during the contest. Avoid looking at the surroundings of your room.
You must not access the Internet or open any applications / code / program / resources that exist in your Client Computer.
You must not use any written resources or books, or print out anything. Exception: you may use blank papers as rough work sheet.
You must not record or stream any part of Test in any form.

Physical Environment

You are required to compete in a private room without any other person present. For example, you cannot compete at your school with other contestants / teachers present.

The room should be cleared of any prohibited materials, such as

  • – Electronics (except digital clock)
  • – Notes, books (regardless of nature)
  • – Sound/noise producing items (e.g. washing machine, pets)

All prohibited materials within reach from your seat must be removed. For prohibited materials that are out of reach, but are in line of sight, they should be covered with cloth or put in boxes. It is your responsibility to make it obvious to the invigilator that the physical environment contains no prohibited materials. Note: Drinks and snacks are allowed.

Preparations before the contest day

On Friday 14th August, we will send you a Google Calendar invite to the Google account you specified in the registration form. In the calendar entry you should see a link to a Google Meet meeting. That is the meeting that you will need to join and share your screen and camera to. If you have a school-issued Google account, try to enter either Google Meet meeting once you receive the invitation to see if your school has blocked external meetings or not.

Client Computer, Screen

Computer and Display

Each contestant is allowed to use one computer. There are no restrictions on the Operating System as long as it supports the Chrome browser and Chrome Remote Desktop (client). However, MacOS is not recommended due to the differences in keyboard layout.

Each contestant may use one display (built-in or external). The resolution of the Virtual Machine is limited to 1920×1080. All resolutions below this maximum (e.g. 1680×1050 16:10) are supported.

If you connect an external display to a laptop with the laptop screen open, the built-in display must be turned completely off (0 brightness is not acceptable).

Input Devices

You can use a keyboard and a mouse or trackpad. Using a trackpad is not recommended as the Virtual Machine may not support the motion / gestures.

Macro functions / calculation functions must be disabled. If your keyboard / mouse has application shortcuts, you should disable them. Otherwise you will be disqualified if you accidentally open the applications by pressing the shortcuts.

Camera set-up and Communication with Invigilator

Round 2 requires a two-camera set up. One of the camera shall point towards your face with the back of the room as background (same as Round 1). The extra camera required in Round 2 shall be mounted from the back of the room at an angle such that your keyboard and your screen are clearly visible.

Primary Camera (Pointing towards your face)

If you choose to use a desktop computer, you will either need webcam + microphone + speakers (headphones not allowed) or a camera-equipped phone.

If you choose to use a laptop, you can use the built-in camera, microphone and speakers (headphones not allowed). If you connect an external display to a laptop with the laptop screen closed (aka clamshell mode), you will need a peripheral webcam, or a camera-equipped phone.

You can choose one of the following options to share your camera. You can also set up both options to provide redundancy in case one of them stops working.

Option 1: Webcam and microphone (recommended)

If you choose to use a webcam and microphone, you will share your webcam and audio from your computer. The webcam should be kept at a distance such that your face is completely visible.

Option 2: Camera-equipped phone

If you do not have a webcam + microphone + speakers, you can use a camera-equipped phone instead. You will need to install Google Meet app to your phone. Then, sign in to the Google account you specified in the registration form and join the Google Meet meeting that says Primary Camera. You will be required to share your back camera so that the phone’s screen faces away from you. Mount the phone to an object (e.g. wall, display) such that your face is completely visible.

Google Meet Settings Computer Phone
Camera Off On (Back camera)
Microphone Muted On
Speaker Muted On

Secondary Camera (Pointing towards your keyboard and screen)

Join the Google Meet meeting that says Secondary Camera. You will be required to share your back camera so that the phone’s screen faces away from you. Mount the phone to an object (e.g. wall, display) such that your keyboard, screen and all the space within your line of sight are clearly visible.

If you have an extra set of computer and webcam, you can also use it for the Secondary Camera, as long as the computer’s screen faces away from you.

Other notes

You should turn the phone(s) to silent mode so that no notifications will sound. Make sure you fully charge your phone(s) before the contest. This is because the phone may overheat if you charge your phone while using Google Meet, causing the camera to shut off. You should connect your phone to a charger, not a USB 2.0 port which may not be powerful enough to meet the power draw. It is highly recommended to connect the Primary Camera using Wi-Fi or wired connection and the Secondary Camera to mobile network (approx 500MB per hour). Your will be disqualified if both cameras disconnect simultaneously.

Contest day procedures

Before the reporting time

Clear/block all prohibited materials from your room according to the Physical Environment section.

13:00 – 13:30 Reporting time

In your Client Computer You should sign into the Google Account you specified in the registration form. Then, join the Google Meet meeting at The invigilator should be there waiting for you. If you don’t see the invigilator, contact the Chief Invigilator immediately (contact details will be distributed through email on contest day). If you are choosing to use a phone to share your camera, join the Google Meet meeting from your phone as well.

Contestants who do not show up to the Google Meet meeting by 13:30 will be disqualified.

13:00 – 13:50 Preparation time

After reporting to the invigilator, the invigilator will run a checklist. Please be patient, as the invigilator may be running the checklist with other contestants.

Step 1: The invigilator will inspect the physical environment. You will be asked to hold your webcam / camera to show all parts of your room, especially the area around your seat. If the invigilator sees anything that they are unable to identify, they may ask you about it or ask you to remove it. If you have prepared blank rough work sheets, show them to the invigilator.

Step 2: If you are using a phone, mount the phone now. Check from your computer’s Google Meet screen that your phone is pointing at your face properly.

Step 3: The invigilator will ask you to show your HKID card and student ID card to the camera. The invigilator will check the spellings and your Date of Birth to confirm eligibility, but will not note down anything from your ID.

Step 4: Close all other programs in your Client Computer, including those running in background (e.g. music, gaming platforms, communication software).

Step 5: The invigilator will start recording the Google Meet meeting.

Step 6: Open a guest profile in Chrome, maximize the window and visit The invigilator will tell you the email address and password of another Google Account. The reason that you should maximize it is that in case you accidentally exit fullscreen mode, or have to inspect the Google Meet meeting, you will not see other windows.

Step 7: The invigilator will let you know which Virtual Machine to connect to and give you the PIN number. Once inside the VM, enter fullscreen by first pressing F11, then open the remote desktop options to enable fullscreen mode. Then you may open the Home and Documents folder windows and press Alt+Tab to ensure that the keyboard shortcuts are being forwarded to the VM correctly. It is known that browsers other than Chrome do not capture keyboard shortcuts. Other than checking the shortcuts, do not touch anything inside the Virtual Machine. Do not exit fullscreen mode.

Step 8: Wait patiently until further instructions. You may request to go to the toilet until the end of the preparation time.

13:50 – 14:00 Waiting Room

At this time, the invigilator will check your pockets to ensure that you don’t have prohibited materials on you.

After that, take your seat. The invigilator will instruct you to open the Chrome browser inside the VM. You should be logged into HKOI Online Judge automatically.

Wait patiently for the contest to start.

14:00 – 19:00 Contest Time

The paper lasts for 5 hours. If you would like to ask clarification questions, please use the Questions / Announcements feature, accessible via the contest header. Your invigilator will not be able to answer questions about the paper.

Running 2 or more programs simultaneously can hog the CPU and drastically reduce the responsiveness of the VM.

You are allowed to go to the toilet once, for at most 5 minutes. You may request to go to the toilet at any time using the Questions / Announcements feature. After sending the request, you should continue working and wait patiently until the invigilator approves it. In certain circumstances it may take longer for your request to be approved. It will be regarded as cheating if you leave the seat without the invigilator’s approval.

If you visited the toilet for more than 5 minutes or if you request to go to the toilet for the second time, the invigilator will finalize your score. You will not be able to continue competing after you return.

During the contest, the invigilator may from time to time perform random checks to ensure that there are no rule violations.

19:00 – 19:05 After End

It may take a few minutes for the judging queue to clear. Once you see that your submissions have been judged, check your score. Your invigilator will ask you to confirm it. If you accept the score, the test ends and you will be released. You can then leave the Google Meet meeting. Otherwise, make your query to the invigilator. According to the TFT rules, any queries must be made within 5 minutes after the end of the contest, before leaving the seat / disconnecting from the Google Meet meeting.