HKOI 2020/21

This year, the Heat Event will be held on 21st November 2020 (Saturday) and the Final Event will be held on 19th December 2020 (Saturday).

In the competition, contestants are divided into two groups, namely the Junior Group and the Senior Group, depending on their age. In the Heat Event, contestants will have to complete a written paper of 90 minutes’ duration. In the Final Event, they will take a practical test in which they have to write programs to solve the given problems.

Individual prizes are awarded in Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, Honourable Mentions, as well as the Best Young Contestant and the Best First-Time Contestant. Grand School Prizes are awarded to the three schools with the highest points. Medalists will be invited to join the HKOI Training Team for intensive training. They will also be eligible to participate in the Team Formation Tests in which delegations are selected to represent Hong Kong in international/national/regional competitions.

Introduction to HKOI Presentation (pdf)


HKOI only accept nominations through schools. Please contact your school’s ICT subject master or teacher-in-charge to apply. Please read the rules before applying.

Proceed to “Join HKOI” Nomination System

Please refer to the presentation for step-by-step instructions: (Google Slides / PDF Version)

Application Deadline: 9th November, 2020 (Monday) 23:59:59.

This year, social distancing measures are enforced that the Heat Event venues can only hold a total of 300 students in each group. Nominations will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis*. Schools are strongly encouraged to submit their nomination forms early, so that the organizing committee can attempt to secure additional competition venues when shortage is imminent.

The tentative list of accepted schools will be posted on 12th November, 2020 (Thursday).

*According to the submission time provided that the form with signatures and school chop has been uploaded. If the form is amended after submission, additions, replacements and students with changed group will have their queue position reset to the end.