Step 1: Visit the front page of the Join HKOI system.
Note: If you are not logged in, please log into your School Admin account first.

In the “Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics” section, click “Start here” under School-linked form.

Step 2: Click “Check / modify school information” to check if the school information is up-to-date, particularly the address and Principal. If you wish to, you can enter a student’s username next to “Grant access to student”. The student will be able to access the form from the “Join HKOI” home page.

Step 3: Fill in contact person information. The first person in the list shall be the primary contact. When you create a school-linked form, you will be added as the primary contact person automatically. If you wish to, you can add more contact persons.

If the contact person is also a School Admin, you can add them using their account username, English name or Chinese name.

Step 4: Add nominated students. Press “Add student” in the appropriate group.

Enter the student information. Please enter the name on their HKID, surname first and without comma.

If the student has an Online Judge account. You can add them directly using the username, English name, Chinese name or “School Unique ID”.
Students added this way will be able to see the status of the nomination form and the details and status of their nomination through the Join HKOI homepage. This reduces the chance of error.

Select the level of study and language preference. If the student’s Online Judge account does not have a Chinese name, please click “Edit” and enter the Chinese name there. For details please refer to the Edit individual user guide.

Step 5: Open the printable version of the form and print it. Obtain Principal’s signature and school chop.

Step 6: Use a phone to take a picture of the form. Upload the image, then submit the form.

We will send you a confirmation email within 24 hours. Once you receive the email, please go back to the form to see the preliminary nomination results.